From Foster care with a Purpose

Have you ever realized how damaging or powerful your voice can be to other’s? What’s your story, and how are you lending your voice and a helping hand to create a positive change amongst individuals less fortunate than you? From Foster Care With A Purpose was written to inspire and motivate those that come in contact with the Foster Care System. It’s a small token of words that I hope give foster care children and foster care providers a beacon of light that we all have a purpose beyond our circumstances.

About Me

Natasha Jordan is a woman who can be described as a paragon of strength since she has been through many challenges that could have broken her but made her stronger.

Natasha Jordan
A Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Helping Hand to Others.

"Foster care is not a life sentence, but a starting point for a purposeful life."

- Natasha Jordan

A Journey of Strength and Inspiration

Natasha Jordan indomitable spirit shines through the pages of her published books, In these captivating works, Natasha shares her extraordinary journey, offering profound insights and inspiring others to embrace their own inner strength. Her compelling story serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all that even in the face of immense challenges, we have the power to rise above and thrive.

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